The Personal Email Revolution

Custom Email Address Headline

Introducing a whole new level of personal email

From the desk of: Pete Lauder

Subject: The personal email address revolution


We live in the digital age, and we are all reaping the benefits of the social revolution, in fact, where would we be without it?

But alongside all the advances in social networking, the humble email address has remained, well, the same…

Until now

Here at Identified.Name, we match your personality to your email address, simple!

Your name is an important part of who you are, so display it with pride.

You supply your first, and last name, and we supply the personalised address, after the @

 Full Online Access

Your new email address will be attached to your Gmail account, giving you both online, and smartphone access to your email account.

 The Identity You Want
Choose from any of our domain names, in any category, or request any personalised domain of your choice, we will endeavour to secure this for you!

 Friendly Staff

Our friendly staff help you all the way, and see that you are never left high and dry.

Choose from any of our custom email domain names, in any category, or request any personalised domain of your choice, we will endeavour to secure this for you!

So head on over to our  email categories page, and find the perfect email address for your name.

The ever popular youth culture category. Kicking off with the Teds, many decades ago, way back in the late 1950's, next came Mods, and Rockers in the 60's, follwed by Hippies, then Skinheads, Punks saw the 80's through to the last big cult, the Goths.
Grab yourself an email identity for the place you live, or the place you love. We have a growing selection of placenames to choose your email ID from, currently restricted to UK towns and cities.
Find the ideal email identity to match your sporting personality, be it your favourite football club, or town, our sports ID's are a great way to show your name off, alongside your sport ID.
Mainly aimed at business providers, the job related email identities of ours are the ideal choice for business owners, and employees to show a little quality when they present their business card showing the exact occupation of the user!
Get your true identity matched up your your musical tastes, with an musical email identity. Become identified, and let your email address broadcast your inner self.
The unusual category is endless, and we don't want to fill the site with joke email ID's, so we aim to keep this category down to a few, slightly wacky, or different email identities.
This category is for email addresses that are attached to exclusive domain names, these can be ordered through our helpdesk.